When sourcing developers for a position, you'll often want to combine several cities together in order to increase the number of developers available to you. We pride ourselves in being a truly global platform and are dedicated to helping you get access to the cities that you need.

To search for multiple cities in the same search, it's as simple as adding multiple filters referencing the cities you want. Start by clicking the add filter button to pick your options for a new filter.

By default, the type of the filter is set to "Location" which is what you need to pick a new city. The requirement type is set to "must have", which will include candidates that match this filter in the search.

You can use the filter value dropdown to pick the city you want to add to this search.

Finally, click the "Add filter" button to add this filter to your current search. Almost instantly, should should see your list of candidates update to include your new city.

Here, you can see that the number of candidates in the search has increased since we are now searching both cities at the same time. This is equivalent to using an "OR" operator in boolean queries.

✨ That's all! You should now be able to search for multiple cities. If you need any more help, feel free to checkout our help center or reach out to us using the live chat.

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