We provide two main ways to screen developers on HireFast. The first is using a candidate's HireFast score. To learn more about how the HireFast score works, we recommend checking out "How are developers in my search sorted?" and "What is HireFast?"

The second way to determine the quality of a candidate is by checking their Smart Summaries. Smart Summaries are a collection of short non-technical summaries that HireFast generates for each candidate. These summaries are generated when HireFast finds real proof that the candidate has demonstrated the skill in their code.

We look for skills that prove the developer has a practical coding mindset. Positions are increasingly becoming language agonstistic and therefore we prefer developers who demonstrate a practical skill set that is used everyday on the job rather than developers who are fluent in theoretical concepts. We try to make these summaries as synonymous to job descriptions as possible to make a candidate's background easy to understand.

For example, the Smart Summary "Advanced Redis skills" will show up on candidates that have worked on projects that utilize some advanced features of Redis. On a technical level, this means they have used things like "Redis blocking lists" and "Redis sorted sets." These are valuable skills that can be used in Backend Engineering as well as DevOps Engineering roles.

If there's ever any Smart Summaries that you would like to see on HireFast, feel free to message us via the live chat and we can add them to the platform for you.

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