There are two types of searches that you can do on HireFast: verified searches and unverified searches. The key difference between these two searches is what "technologies" you have included in your search criteria.

If your search consists only of officially supported technologies, then the candidates in your search results will be sorted by their HireFast Scores. These scores are calculated by our proprietary scoring system that grades candidates on a variety of basic and advanced skills. By scoring and filtering candidates, we're able to help recruiters save time when sourcing as well as find candidates that don't exist on other platforms.

You know if your technology is officially supported by HireFast if there is a check mark next to it in the technology dropdown list and if the blue "Verified by HireFast" banner is shown for your search.

For example, in the image above, we can see that "React" and "Redis" are officially supported technologies because of their check marks. However, "REALbasic" and "REXX" are not officially supported by HireFast but they are still searchable.

When we search for an official technology like "React", we can see the blue banner above the search results (see image below).

In verified searches, candidates are sorted by quality and are more likely to have "Skill Summaries" on their candidate cards (see image below). These summaries are useful for determining the candidate's background and skills. Some candidates in unverified searches will have skill summaries, but it is not guaranteed.

If you have any other questions about verified vs. unverified searches, you can reach us via the live chat in the bottom right-hand corner on any HireFast page.

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