HireFast is a search platform dedicated to saving you time and increasing your accuracy when you're looking for software developers.

It's a well known fact that resumes are full of issues. They cause implicit bias in hiring, create misunderstanding between candidates and recruiters, and often are loaded with skills that are less than true.

How do we overcome these issues? Machine learning is not the answer. Machine learning simply reinforces the same bias and you can't teach a machine to infer a candidate's skills that aren't mentioned in the resume.

What HireFast does differently is that it completely abandons the resume-based hiring process. Our platform processes millions of lines of code written by real developers all over the world. We use our proven and highly curated process to identify key skills that a candidate is displaying that would be beneficial to have at your company.

We make understanding this extremely simple for you. All candidates on our platform are paired with a list of simple non-technical summaries which are synonymous to something you'd find on a resume. We also provide you with our internal scoring metrics so you can compare the developer you're looking at to the other developers in your search.

By doing this, we're able to provide you with a list of specially picked talent that provably has the skills you're looking for. We've used this to make a real impact on many people. In fact, one of our top customers made many successful hires from our platform in a short timespan, some of them right from the first page of search results. You can learn more about our work with them on our website.

If you want to learn more about what we look for in candidates, you can checkout this page.

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